Ground mobile robotics has been developed in THALES/TOSA since 1988 as the main prime contractor of the French MoD (DARDS, STV, SYRANO, PEA ROB, PEA TAROT, MMSR-SYDERA), to feed a global reflection dealing with Robotic Fighting Systems. The robotics department continues today to work actively on the domain, using its acquired capacities concerning the architecture of complex systems: internal and external functional analysis, data streams dimensioning, failure management...

THALES/TOSA conceived, built and validated several mobile robotic systems with mobility modes ranging from “simple” remote driving and autonomous navigation, which allows the robot to move in respect with a responsibility domain while assuring the security of the vehicle in case of failure.

THALES/TOSA proposes therefore different levels of increasing autonomy on it’s robotic systems: simple driving mode, piloting mode (heading and speed), guiding mode (waypoints), navigation modes (trajectory recording and replay, vehicle following, road following, edge following, obstacle detection, ..).

The expertise of THALES/TOSA involves a wide knowledge of architecture and technologies used inside mobile robots, as of the particularities of their integration process and of the trials. The system approach is natural and obligatory in multidisciplinary domains like mobile robotics, domain which involves the use of numerous evolutionary technologies.

THALES/TOSA is also skilled in all robotic functions, from gathering of operational needs to final integration of robotic systems. THALES/TOSA skills also include the development of specific functions based on internal competences and on the analysis of the scientific state of the art:

  • Mobility functions, intrinsic characteristic of mobile robots, from development and exploitation of dynamic models to trajectories control,
  • Localisation using hybridised inertial navigation (odometry, GPS and SLAM) developed and implemented on several robots,
  • Perception functions, through development and validation of new functions and through definition of an unified hardware and software architecture.

As a robotic system integrator, THALES/TOSA is experienced with “Robotics used in real world” and the ensuing challenges.