ECA is a high tech company located in Toulon, south of France, specialised in defence and civil robotics, industrial automation, systems and information. Established in 1936, ECA has six offices in France and four subsidiaries.

The ECA group employs currently around 600 people. The main customers are military clients with more than 20 national marines, and companies oriented in aeronautic, automobile, offshore oil and gas, nuclear power activities. ECA is the market leader for sub sea robotics for mine warfare.

ECA also builds ground robots for French Army and intends to re-use the technology in civil applications: beach-cleaning activity has been identified as a major application. To define the prototype, ECA provides the knowledge for all the electronic parts (sensors and the artificial intelligence), the engine and the frame. As soon as the studies are completed and the prototypes developed, ECA uses the acquired expertise to develop and manufacture small series of repetitive products.

ECA has significant means in terms of Research & Development, including mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and information engineering and design as well as specialised workshops (optics, magnetism...) allowing the company to design and realize demonstrators or prototypes.

ECA collaborates with a number of research organisms and universities in France and abroad to maintain very high level of innovation in its systems.

The Land systems division of ECA, Parisian premises of the group formerly known as Cybernétix – Homeland & Security branch, will be in charge of the project, has the following activities :

With a unique know-how in remote-operated systems and mobile robots for interventions in hostile environments, ECA offers standard systems and equipment as well as turnkey solutions. The strategy of ECA as a robotics and automation specialist is based on the complementarities between technological research & production of robotised equipment and systems in market “niches” with strong potential.

ECA develops and manufactures autonomous and remote-controlled mobile robots for the French Defence and Civil Security Services, operations in difficult environments and industrial applications. ECA offers innovative solutions for extending human actions at inaccessible depth (acoustic guided Autonomous Underwater Vehicle- for sub sea applications: bringing significant savings in installation and maintenance operations) or in hostile environments (remote controlled mobile robots especially dedicated to handling and neutralizing explosives as well as operations in nuclear, bacteriological or chemical fields ). Designed to carry remote controlled inspection and intervention operations in complete safety for the operator, these robots can easily be transported in a car or by helicopter or ships. They are equipped with different type of manipulators and monitoring systems (measurements systems, camera and vision systems, location systems, etc.) depending on the application. ECA has also an important background on big transport systems for containers manipulation, through several European RTD projects.