LASMEA -- Laboratoire des Sciences et Matériaux pour l'Electronique, et d'Automatique

LASMEA,UMR 6602 of CNRS, is composed of two main research group: MATELEC and GRAVIR (Research Group in Automatic, Vision and Robotic). The Team ROSACE (Robotic and Autonomous Complex System) of GRAVIR develops research activities in the field of Visual Servoing, Autonomous Guided Vehicle and Robot, and Modelling, Identification and Control of Complex Systems. The research team is composed of one professor, four associated professor, 14 PhDs, 1 post-doc and 1 engineer. Since the beginning of nineties, research in the team has focused on Autonomous Navigation of mobile robot and Visual Servoing of Robot. We are now recognized as specialist team in the world using vision to control robot (Mobile robot (outdoor (Urban, agricultural, ..), or Indoor), manipulator robot, parallel robot). We have investigated new sensor like Omni directional camera and camera with optical fisheye length, and develop a generic camera model for vision based control of robot. More recently, we have started to study the coupling between force and vision in order to address complex task when the robot is in contact with environment, or is in interaction with articulated object. We also develop new active vision sensor with embedded image processing capability.

Since the beginning of the nineties, the research team focalized its research on autonomous navigation using vision and/or GPS (7 PhDs where dedicated to indoor application (home), or outdoor (urban, road, agriculture)). If the first approaches were using 3D localization, current applications will use the sensory memory based navigation. The aim is to learn navigation environment and to rerun scenario later. The sensor modalities used are RTK-GPS, classical camera, and the link with classical, Omni directional camera/fisheye.

The LASMEA is the scientific coordinator of the project and the WP3 leader. LASMEA is also the organizer of the Urban Challenge.


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  • Keywords :

          o Autonomous guided vehicles
          o Data fusion
          o Enhanced and accurate mobility
          o High-speed control and estimation
          o Non-linear control and observer
          o Platooning
          o Smart Sensors
          o Vision-based control
          o Visual tracking and recognition
          o Visual odometry
          o Visual servoing
          o Visual geometry